Pitney Bowes

As a marketplace evolves, leveraging new capabilities and technology is critical to success. But, will customers believe?


Shifting perceptions to a technology-forward brand

A company built on physical mail, Pitney Bowes knew that future growth would come from investment in technologies focused on consumer intelligence and multichannel engagement. The problem was wrapping the heads of investors and other stakeholders around that idea. Through annual reports, as well as trade-show environments, we told clear, simple stories of how the company’s technologies make brand relationships more relevant and personal. Among other things, this made it easier to grasp where growth is likely to come from in a world increasingly dominated by digital engagement.

Over the years, Sequel has been a real, go-to partner in helping us tell a singular and compelling story to our clients, investors and our employees.”
Bill Hughes
Chief Communications Officer, Pitney Bowes

  • Mobile & Web
  • CSR & Annual Reports

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