Pitney Bowes

Helping a mailing and shipping giant embrace digital


Shifting perceptions to make a venerable brand tech-forward

A company built on physical mail and shipping, Pitney Bowes knew that future growth would come from investment in technologies focused on consumer intelligence and multi-channel engagement. The problem was wrapping the minds of employees and customers around that idea. Through trade-show environments, sales enablement tools and annual reports, we told clear, simple stories of how the company’s technologies make brand relationships more targeted and personal.


  • Employee Engagement & Activation
  • Environment & Experiential Branding
  • Marketing & Sales Enablement Tools
  • Sustainability & Corporate Reporting

Over the years, Sequel has been a real go-to partner in helping us tell a singular and compelling story to our clients, investors and our employees.”

Bill Hughes, CCO, Pitney Bowes

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