Reenvisioning the digital brand experience for a financial icon

Founded in 1982 as an equity research firm, Baron Funds built its reputation on delivering growth equity investment solutions scaled to the long-term investor. Over the years, the business evolved to serve the needs of advisors, institutions and individual clients.

At the time of our engagement, the firm had two separate websites, going to market as both Baron Capital Management and Baron Funds to address its long-standing client segments. Our challenge was to create a user-friendly, value-added, singular digital experience — relevant and tailored to its audiences — that more accurately reflected Baron’s strengths, personality and position in the marketplace. At the same time, Baron needed the site to be fully responsive and easily managed going forward.

The project involved collaborative engagement, including interviews with leadership and key personnel across the firm, to develop a clear understanding of user needs and the desired functionality for the site. Inspired by Baron’s business strategy and unique office environment, we created a bespoke experience that features a powerful landing page with ambient video and showcases their thought leadership. We also provided content strategy and guidance to help the client articulate and retell the firm’s story for new and more digitally savvy audiences.

Our digital team created an easily navigable experience, imbued with the thoughtful yet disciplined spirit of the Baron brand. We built in clear pathways for users to self-identify and quickly access both the information and the refreshingly intuitive account management tools they need.

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