How do you connect communities to the waterfront? By being the cultural and educational center for local families.


Creating a destination for both young and old

RISE (Rockaway Institute for a Sustainable Environment), a cultural and community center in the heart of New York’s Rockaways, had to build a clear and compelling brand from scratch — and they asked us to help. Working with the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance, we addressed the fundamentals of the brand, including graphic identity, promotional materials and wayfinding in the center’s physical space. RISE will expand environmental awareness through educational and cultural opportunities in this beautiful but frequently overlooked part of the city. To accomplish this, the center has connected with a host of programming partners, including colleges, performing arts groups, technology companies and scientific nonprofits.

From shaping our mission, to developing an inspiring name with a simple, yet distinct visual identity, to branding the overall experience, RISE would have not come to life without Sequel’s creativity and dedication.”
Jeanne DuPont
Founder & President of RISE


  • Brand Development
  • Marketing & Sales Enablement
  • Branded Environments
  • Name Generation