BAIM Institute for Clinical Research

Creating what’s next when a revered brand graduates from Harvard


Look to your origin story and make it new again.

The Harvard Clinical Research Institute (HCRI) needed to grow beyond Harvard’s sphere to attract more diverse faculty and a broader sponsor list. Sequel led the team to focus on one of the institute’s founders, Dr. Donald Baim, to honor and reinforce all the values that made the institute great — and to drive future success.

In looking at the vignettes from the early days of the research group, and in collaboration with the client team, the name “Baim Institute for Clinical Research” rose to the top as a powerful yet authentic way to tell a new story. Activating this new strategy, a dynamic yet sophisticated identity was developed to reinforce their academic passion for innovation and leadership.

We delivered the new brand identity through “day one” launch collateral, employee training materials and an engaging new digital presence.


  • Digital Strategy & Web Development
  • Employee Engagement & Activation
  • Logo & Visual Identity Systems
  • Market Insights & Brand Strategy
  • Naming & Brand Voice

Collaborating with an academically led executive team meant we had to make sure every creative decision somehow reflected the science of what made them who they are. Coming to the table with visual ideas and elements that simply differentiated was not enough.”

David Phan, Creative Director

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