Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners

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Bringing culture and ethos to E, S, and G

A leader in the infrastructure private equity space, Stonepeak was seeking to build marketplace awareness and brand image in the infrastructure equity investment space. In early discovery sessions, it became clear that the opportunity was based on the notion that at Stonepeak, ESG is not just about the rigor and the metrics — it’s about the ethos of being a responsible alternative investments partner that runs deep within the core values and the culture of the firm. To bring a more engaged and human approach to the data, we developed visual infographics and verbal cues throughout the story that helped to support the proprietary nature and dynamic aspects of being a thought leader in essential infrastructure investment assets. For example, in lieu of conventional executive portraits, we challenged the standard by featuring key team members in a hand-drawn, painterly illustration style that added a more grounded and handcrafted aspect to the showcasing of key leaders across the firm. The energy and positivity that were activated visually and verbally in the ESG narrative provided the Stonepeak team with an important go-to-market centerpiece for the firm, in addition to delivering mission-critical, key ESG performance data and metrics.


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  • Sustainability & Corporate Reporting

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