Transforming the ERP category from enterprise planning to “experience real purpose.”


How do you help a regional ERP software provider become a global player?

As a mid-market technology provider in the enterprise software category, and with new leadership at the helm, Unit4 sought to bring a sense of humanity and purpose to a business built through add-on acquisitions.

Our approach was to reorient the name Unit4 from it roots in old technology references to one focused on people. By inverting the well-used corporate abbreviation “U4” to “In business 4U,” we were able to create a fresh, new creative platform that changed the brand narrative from one of a passive holding company to one of an dynamic, global technology player focused on helping employees to better understand “how work should feel.”


  • Brand Development
  • Mobile & Web
  • Marketing & Sales Enablement
  • Branded Environments
  • Name Generation
  • Employee Communications