Our Culture

5 Reasons to Work Here

People (and dogs) you’ll really like

Think about it: You spend much more time in the office than at home, so why not work with people you want to be with — a high-spirited, hardworking group of people with a sense of humanity, and a sense of humor.

Great clients, large and small

We work for clients like Bank of America, Campbell Soup, Chevron, SAP and Thomson Reuters, as well as amazing small companies and groundbreaking start-ups we personally love. Because we’re not focused on a particular sector, you will be exposed to many different kinds of businesses and assignments. So your experience will grow (as will your horizons) and you’ll get better and better at what you do.

An environment that supports you — at work and at home

A lot of companies say they’re like family, but at Sequel we really mean it. We’ve become close friends, back each other up and support each other when personal issues arise. Above all, we don’t compete with each other — we like to see our friends succeed. We’re an office without the politics, and as we see it, that’s a major plus.

A real opportunity to rise and shine

We hire people for what they do best, and are interested in what they want to explore. We’re flexible within our roles and focused on personal development. Our objective is to create a worklife that is inspiring and expansive, one that will enable you to build a career path that suits your interests and your ambitions.

A place you’ll want to stay

We must be doing something right, because our people tend to stick around. More than half have been with us 10-plus years, and some have been here a whole lot longer. This stability increases the odds that you can focus on the work, rather than your next move — and have a life after work, without taking a lot of worries home.

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Senior Designer
  • Favorite NYC Experience:

    Taking the A train to Far Rockaway, surfing all day and then heading back to Brooklyn to grab dinner and drinks with friends. Can’t beat it.

  • Can't-Live-Without Brand:

    Starbucks. Iced coffee with cream every morning.

  • Inspired by:

    The fact that there is always something new to learn or get better at.

  • Favorite Movie Sequel:

    Terminator 2

  • Favorite Place:

    Anywhere with friends or family.



Administrative Coordinator
  • Favorite NYC Experience:

    It’s a tie between eating real NYC pizza and seeing some great theatre.

  • Can't-Live-Without Brand:


  • Inspired by:

    Good people doing good work.

  • Favorite Movie Sequel:

    Shrek 2

  • Favorite Place:

    Home. What can I say? I’m an introvert.


Words from Our Team

“This place is a beehive, but a comfortable one. That’s the way we like it.”
— Steve Mignogna, Founder
“We work hard, we care about each other and we really care about the clients we work with. I think clients can see that, and that’s why so many of them stick with us.”
— Dana Gonsalves, Creative Director
“I love the collaborative atmosphere — working with a lot of people in many different disciplines, joining forces around a big idea. The synergy is tremendous.”
— Adrian Levin, Creative Director, Branded Environments