Managing Director, Private Equity Solutions

Dale Kramer Cohen

Dale leads our Private Equity Solutions group, directing strategy, marketing and business development.

As an alumna of Citibank, American Express, OgilvyOne and Wharton, she has gained more than two decades of experience as a strategic, insights-driven marketing and branding leader for Fortune 200 and midsize growth companies, principally in financial services, technology, healthcare and manufacturing. Her experience in partnering with private equity firms includes working with firms such as KKR, Parthenon Capital and Advent International.

Dale is the founder and partner of consultancies Exitivity and DKC Resources, former CMO at The Leader’s Edge and cofounder of IvyLIfe.

I have “quant” DNA but am really a human behavioral devotee — successful businesses are communities of people. Companies simply need to unearth the underlying why’s, align core competencies, tell the right story consistently, and deliver on their brand promise in a meaningful, engaging way.”

Some of Dale’s work