Sequel Labs

What if you could effectively harness the latest technologies to solve your company’s unique challenges?


Why Sequel Labs?

Connect new technologies to the needs of the business
New technologies are advancing at a faster pace than ever and companies can’t afford to be left behind. While these breakthroughs have great potential to help companies perform better, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Yet, in-house teams have limited resources and bandwidth to comprehensively learn and apply these new technologies effectively to the needs of the business.

Become an extension of your technology and product teams
This is how Sequel Labs can help: We provide Innovation-as-a-Service by empowering companies to design, prototype, refine, brand and market new products and solutions for their employees and customers. Led by MIT engineering alumni, our team of software engineers, UX designers and data scientists provides end-to-end expertise for designing, prototyping and iterating new applications to solve real problems.

Explore new ways to solve everyday, user-to-business problems
The convergence of technology, design and what users care about is what Sequel Labs is all about. We are continually building our own products to objectively evaluate the best applications for new tools and platforms and then apply this expertise toward serving our clients in helping them develop and implement technology ideas to grow the business.


  • Mobile & Web
  • Digital Product Development