Bank of America

Imagine getting 56,000 people to pull together, focus on their customers and deliver as one.


Defining a new story for the corporate brand

In the wake of the financial crisis, we helped rejuvenate faith in this global brand through an unusual and powerful annual report that faced shareholders squarely and clearly. As the company worked through a host of challenges, we then gradually shifted the lens to growth, using annual and corporate social responsibility reports to realign the corporate brand, focusing on “delivering the whole bank,” and connecting people, companies and institutional investors to everything they needed in their financial lives.

From the financial crisis through years of recovery, we’ve helped to resurrect Bank of America’s brand, using honest storytelling to reconnect with shareholders, customers, clients and communities.”
Dana Gonsalves
Creative Director


  • Brand Development
  • Mobile & Web
  • Branded Environments
  • CSR & Annual Reports
  • Employee Communications