CA Technologies

The secret to a successful turnaround is to know what to retain and what to reinvent in the business and brand.


Helping to rejuvenate a brand and its culture

Reeling from a series of business setbacks, this global leader in IT management turned to Sequel to help renew its reputation, internal alignment and go-to-market strategy. With new leaders at the helm, CA engaged us first to explore what customers wanted and needed — solutions that unified and simplified IT, rather than use a rip-and-replace approach. We then executed a complete rebranding, marketing and communications program that transformed CA, from employee communications and recruitment, to renaming more than 1,200 product services to redefining their events and corporate environmental experience.

We have many agencies helping us to reposition CA as a company. As an independent agency, Sequel provides truly unbiased, strategic and creative know-how that helped us to turn CA’s brand and business around.”
Donald Friedman
Chief Marketing Officer
CA Technologies (2005–2010)


  • Brand Development
  • Mobile & Web
  • Marketing & Sales Enablement
  • Branded Environments
  • CSR & Annual Reports
  • Employee Communications