NGA Human Resources

What if you could re-create a brand from the inside out? NGA did.


Telling the story of a reborn brand from the narrative to the customer experience

A leader in HR technology and service solutions, this UK enterprise winnowed its holdings down to a single growth business, a cloud-based HR powerhouse in need of a reinvigorated brand and winning product strategy. We helped NGA reposition itself as a nimble, global and adaptive company entirely focused on HR solutions and services. This included creating a branded solutions graphic that everyone from the C-suite to sales to customers can speak to — that encapsulates the renewed company’s strengths, solutions and value impact. We also honed their digital product experience, drilling in on product development and user flows across all their core products and key geographies to better align with the overall promise.


  • Brand Development
  • Mobile & Web
  • Marketing & Sales Enablement
  • CSR & Annual Reports
  • Digital Product Development
  • Employee Communications