Sequel partners with HELP/PSI to reactivate its brand and digital presence.

New York, NY — Strategic branding and digital agency Sequel today announced a partnership with HELP/PSI to reposition and rebrand the New York City–based community healthcare services organization.

Serving more than 13,000 individuals and families through their 13 locations, HELP/PSI targets underserved communities throughout the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. As a nonprofit health services organization that initially focused on HIV, homelessness and addiction in the 1980s, HELP/PSI has grown over the years to offer full-service primary, behavioral and dental healthcare and support programs to those individuals that need these services most.

As the organization has grown in scale and services, its brand story and image needed to evolve as well. Sequel participated in an agency search that involved more than 10 agencies in a multistage review process. Selected as the chosen partner to help guide the team on their rebranding journey, Sequel is collaborating with the HELP/PSI team to better understand the character and culture of their employees and their clients, as they help to advance the brand.

From the get-go, the Sequel team demonstrated their passion, creativity and the ability to quickly pick up on the nature of what HELP/PSI does and how we help individuals access the care they need.”

Matthew Teter, Vice President, Development, for HELP/PSI

Sequel is working closely with the HELP/PSI team to shape a new brand story and visual and verbal identity as well as to develop launch campaigns, and both print and digital communications tools, to bring to life all the emotional success stories that HELP/PSI clients, physicians, nurses and care managers have to tell.

“The amazing things that HELP/PSI is able to accomplish in bringing health and hope to New York’s hardest-to-reach individuals needs to be heard,” said John Nishimoto, Principal of Sequel. “I know I speak for my partners and our creative teams when I say we are proud and extremely excited about our new role as strategic partner in guiding HELP/PSI on how best to tell this story in a meaningful way to new clients, communities and donors across the New York City area.”

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