“We’ve created a different kind of resource that connects the dots between digital products and experiences with brand enablement.”

Why Sequel Labs

A brief conversation with Joseph Kim, head of Sequel Labs

Every organization needs to innovate. The question is how? Do you hire your own data scientist or AI maven, and give them what kind of support? Invest in or commandeer a promising startup? Do you create a group in the middle of a storied innovation hub, give them free rein and a wish list, and see what happens? Do you spin a web of collaborators with startups and academics and hope your needs and creative epiphanies align?

Every kind of organization, big and small, is trying to crack this code. For leaders looking to harness disruptive innovation, we at Sequel Labs have created a different kind of resource to move your ideas forward and actually get things done; offering rapid prototyping, design and development of entirely fresh digital products and solutions.

This isn’t something you can buy off the shelf.

Q: What drives your approach to develop and innovate new digital products?

A: There are three truths about this kind of problem-solving that Sequel Labs was built to address.

1. So much “what,” so little “how”:

There’re all these new technologies for automation and gathering useful insights — machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, bigger data, you name it — but there’s no handy manual to tell you how to apply them to the problems you’re trying to solve. There’s no one size fits all, no plug & play. So you have all this tech power potential, but many are still stymied trying to find the right solutions to make their business perform better.

We offer a concerted process to build targeted — not “customized” but targeted — apps. We’re the in-between that puts it all together.

2. The “who” is the key:

It’s hard for most organizations to assemble the kind of team needed to prototype and finish a new kind of digital tool. You need data scientists, AI specialists, UX, UI, product developers … a focused team that embodies all the disciplines that each particular task at hand demands. Should that be a team you own and manage (and work to retain and replenish and … you know the drill)?

We have our own, flexible, extended group of specialists, here and abroad, solving similarly unprecedented challenges today.

3. It’s in the iteration:

You can’t just do it once. That’s not how this works. Solutions of this kind are living things. You have to get your idea out there quickly and into the hands of real users, so you can capture feedback as it happens and loop it into the evolutionary cycle. You have to make your solution actually useful in context. It’s an iterative, ongoing process or it’s nothing you can use. Yet most organizations approach this kind of development as a discrete project, with a rosy endpoint fixed on the calendar.

We’re expert at ramping up a “minimally viable product” (MVP!) prototype, so actual users can help define and guide the right functionality, the best interface, the unexpected benefits — everything that goes into a successful and fully useful digital tool.

That’s how digital problems are solved in this continually new digital epoch. There aren’t a lot of groups our size or as flexible as we can be, that offer what Sequel Labs offers.

Q: Can you give me some examples of how this approach works?

A: Well, here’s a good example. We developed CynkUp, a mobile app that lets participants in events find the right like-minded people to get the right sort of conversation going. The minute we put the first viable version into the hands of users and got actual, meaningful qualitative and quantitative insight, the product went into unexpected new modes of utility.

Another one: For a leading global pharmaceutical, we created a digital sales enablement tool that showed exactly how — in real time, using a target hospital’s data, within a brief sales pitch — the company can take a 24-hour testing process for a particularly deadly strain of bacteria and reduce it to 30 minutes.

You see, we solve real-world business problems adapting the latest technologies and incorporating ongoing feedback and iteration. Our creative user experience experts work side-by-side with our solid engineering team and our clients to make each unique solution a success.

For more information on what Sequel Labs can do, please contact Joseph Kim:

E: jkim@sequelstudio.com

T: 212.660.7872

Photo credit: Brandon Cobian

The Right Q's:

  • Sequel Labs designs, prototypes and develops next-generation digital tools that support strategic business, technical and brand objectives. Sequel Labs works hand in glove with Sequel Studio, an agile branding firm that helps organizations ignite growth through strategy, content and design — helping business and marketing leaders harness their brand narrative into a compelling business asset.

  • For more information on what Sequel Labs can do, please contact Joseph Kim at 212.660.7872.